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AJC Public school (CBSE) was established in June 2010. It was established where we work hard to uplift the students education. The development of Country is possible if our youth is educated. Education alone can open opportunities of enlightenment and can generate mankind and transform the Society. The biggest asset of AJC Public school is to serve the mankind with noble feeling of service with emphasis on quality education to all children and continue to grow in 21st Century.

We are committed to empowering students to reach their highest academic potential by providing an education and inspiring them to become contributing members of an ever-changing world. We prepare them to become lifelong learners in an ever-evolving global society. Our curriculum is continuously upgraded, as well as the digital technology we use to instruct in our classrooms. So, our School students have access to the very latest technology to facilitate learning. Throughout the year, AJC Public school hosts a number of exciting and fun events to help is continuing our work educating students. All of these events help us sustain our mission and help keep our School education affordable and accessible for students. "An Institution is not made by mere bricks & stones, but by the strong character and integrity it instills in its students" Jawaharlal Nehru
Got affiliation from CBSE up to Secondary level during 2013-14.
Affiliation upgraded up to Sr.Secondary level during 2015-16.

In our school more than 400 children are studying and more than 30 Teachers are working here, all are well trained teachers. And more than 10 supporting staffs working. In our school we having more than 30 class rooms, the school has separate Laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and mathematics. All the Laboratories are equipped with necessary apparatus to facilitate the need of the students.

  We are providing good transport facilities for our children, we having ten vans and good trained drivers. And all the school van we are provide attainders to carrying children.

We have library in our school. It is very useful for children to read and know about to related by the subjects and knowledge. The school library has got more than 3000 books related to various facilities example (Library in Tamil, English, Hindi)Mathematics, Science, Social studies, ect., Whatever we need we can search in our library That is not only our library it is “our good friend”.

The School has separated laboratories viz, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and mathematics. All to facilitate the need of the students.