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  Sports And Games ...
Education is the measure to bring all round development to a child. A child needs to be trained both in academic and co-curricular activities. The objective of education cannot be attained by confining one to the limited boundary. We have to cross the boundary in order to achieve the goal of education. Co-curricular activities facilitate a child to grow physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. A child learns a lot of ethics and values by games and sports, and thus attains growth. AJC PUBLIC SCHOOL, is the institution where the children are given maximum exposure to games and sports. Its gym plays a vital role in providing the students the maximum requirements to strengthen their physical as well as their mental power. The school is also rich in indoor and outdoor games like – cricket, volleyball, badminton, football, table tennis etc. The children take due advantage of these and release their pent up energy. In addition, the school organizes sports events in the school where the children display their full-hearted participation. The activities and the events that the school facilitates the children with, work as wonders to train the children in learning good habits and in gaining all round development.

Outdoor Games ...

Games and Sports are extremely essential for the all-round development of a child and AJC PUBLIC SCHOOL, NAGAPATTINAM strongly appreciates and upholds this fact. We are a school whose students are endowed with limitless potential in outdoor activities, be it cricket or tennis, football or volleyball. In our school, games and sports occupies its well-deserved place as a compulsory subject. The students undergo regular as well as rigorous training in their chosen sport under the guidance of the able sports instructors of our school. The annual sports is a much awaited and mega event of the school. In this exclusive event, the school ensures the whole-hearted participation of each and every child. Apart from this, inter-school competitions are also held in the school premises when its students display their superlative performances. The school also encourages its participation in any sport event held outside the school and the students bring laurels to the school in quite a few events. Through the various outdoor activities the school holds the broader view to inculcate in the pupils the qualities of discipline, co-operation, confidence, leadership, courage, endurance and team spirit. The students of the school, too believe in playing each game in the spirit of the game and derive more joy in playing than the end result.